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Air Conditioner Repair

If you are looking for an air conditioner repair service that offers same-day services and is available anytime in the greater Los Angeles area – we’re the company to call. Every major appliance is applicable whether it’s an air conditioner unit, heaters, and many other units. You will always be provided with a written estimate, which you will have to authorize before any repairs or service is done, and when we do the repairs there’s no charge for a service call. There are no extra fees associated with travel if the repair is need at night or even on the weekend. Along with offering the best competitive prices in the LA area, we’ll match any low price estimate you receive, so you’re guaranteed the lowest price possible for the air conditioner, appliance, or heating repairs you need. You can call for same-day service in the greater Los Angeles via our toll-free line anytime day or night.

Everyone has a busy schedule these days so we make sure to get your air conditioner repairs done as quickly as possible. To schedule a convenient appointment for your air conditioner repairs just call our toll free line:1-800-500-5464

No matter what your schedule looks like, we can work around it for you when you are need of air conditioner repair within Los Angeles. Make sure to get an appointment with us by calling us at 1-800-500-5464.

Or you can schedule an appointment by emailing us. When you do email us however, make sure you include your zip code, name, phone number, and a short description of your appliance issues. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for your repair service as soon as the email has been received by our office.


We Service some of the following Appliance Brands:

Day & Night
Hampton Bay
Jenn Air
Kitchen Aid
Magic Chef
Modern Maid
Speed Queen
Sub Zero
U-line (Uline)
White Rogers

The following cities around Los Angeles for air conditioner repairs include:

Beverly Hills
Los Angeles
North Hollywood
San Fernando
Santa Monica
Sherman Oaks
Van Nuys

You can learn more about your heating as well as air conditioner units through the information below. Through following this information you will not only learn how you can use them to save money on your electric bills but also how to get the most out of your appliance and how to efficiently run them. In turn this leads to them lasting much longer and working correctly for the maximum amount of time.

WARNING: Never take unnecessary chances when it comes to being safe. The tips posted below are for “educational” purposes only and should not be attempted by unqualified individuals. It is our high recommendation that you do not attempt to repair them yourself. No matter what the repair is, most of them take training with various systems such as electrical or gas based, both are highly dangerous without proper knowledge. If you need a professional, please give us a call no matter the time at 1-800-500-5464.

Who has the best appliances? A lot of people will ask this question. When shopping for new appliances many people are leery about asking an appliance salesman straight out which company is known for making the best quality appliances. It’s something that people lean in a coyly utter with a hand hiding their mouth.

Actually there’s a really simple answer for what seems a confusing inquiry. You get as much as you put in. It is simply not as black and white as saying that there is a good product and a bad product. Many manufacturers produce top quality models, plus others which are built and priced as cheaply as possible for buyers looking only at the prices. It’s all in what you are willing to pay for.

Manufacturers consider this a smart technique of marketing. Others are better made but cost a lot more. For the customer – this can be a raw deal. Keep in mind this technique is considered legal. Manufacturers and their marketing companies capitalize on the greed, gullibility and never-ending desire to get a good deal on a quality machine at a low price.

Everyone knows the phrase, “Nothing is free.” Unfortunately, you will probably spend more money on a cheap product. Of course when you buy it, you won’t pay much, but when it breaks down for the fourth or fifth time, and the fact it is an energy hog, you will spend more in the long run. You end up getting exactly what you pay for. Don’t pay trash prices expecting treasure results.

The fact is many of us have fallen victims to exactly this, we bought cheap thinking we got a deal when the ones getting the deal was in fact, not us. In the past, most appliances were made incredibly well. The quality of American appliances was top notch, and most lasted as long as twenty years or even more depending on who made it.

But in today’s world with its intended obsolescence, products will only last a max of six or seven years. There is a great way to describe the new products being made cheaply, simply put they are junk.

There are a grand total of five companies pulling the strings of more than twenty seven brands of appliances within the entirety of the industry. Because of the competition and the desire for management to generate better numbers of profit, they began to look for ways to save money and get people to buy more. The department they were made in completely changed and they were switched out turning a much higher profit from people buying them.

Due to this new method of producing the appliances, it is actually more profitable for them to be poor quality and have a lower productive life. When the company only rewards for profits, the managers in the business will do whatever it takes to increase profit. Though there is no certainty that this is the exact reason why the products have become so poor. The sad truth is that there are quite a few at companies that purposefully choose to use parts which have a tendency to fail. Anyone with air conditioner repair training can tell you that. When parts are poor quality, there is more work and more sales for the people making the product. While this seems to be a great idea in the short term, it can be quite stupid when it comes to the long run.

Rules for Appliance Safety

Most safety regarding appliances is mostly common sense. But these rules are here to prevent you from injuring yourself accidentally.

You need to follow these rules for two reasons. Your safety always comes first, so this is the prime reason. If you don’t know how the appliance works, do not try to repair it yourself. Get someone who is qualified to repair the product. If it’s 50 dollars to repair the product, that’s fine. But if you try to be cheap and break the appliance further, you are looking at a lot more money. Also, fifty dollars doesn’t compare to losing an eye. The second reason is the fact you need to ensure that the product is safe and working correctly. As above, thirty dollars may not seem worth it, but it’s a lot better than causing an additional hundred dollars in damages.

These two reasons usually are interrelated. If you keep yourself safe, the product will remain safe and vice versa. This is why it is important to practice these rules of safety so that both you and the product go undamaged.

Who Can You Call for Air Conditioner Repair

Why should I call a professional air conditioner repairman to come out to my home? Is there any way that I can repair my air conditioner on my own? The simple answer to those two questions is yes you can do some air conditioner repairs on your own. However, there are certain aspects to air conditioner repairing that are best left to the professionals.

There are many air conditioning companies throughout the city that will not send someone to your home unless you pay a minimum service call fee. Fortunately, not all air conditioning companies are like that. The good ones will come out to your home and evaluate the problem. They then will provide you with a 100% guaranteed hassle free job and a free no obligation quotation.

However, before you spend your hard earned cash on repairs, give it a try yourself. It could be something as simple as replacing a dirty filter. There are many excellent do-it-yourself help videos on the Internet that may offer you an easy solution to your air conditioner problem.

If you do call in an air conditioner repairman, be careful. In the air conditioning business there are often a few firms that are notorious as very bad companies to deal with. They are well-known for the poor service and inability to honor their original quote. They are bad companies to deal with.

The truth of the matter is to avoid these despicable fly by night air conditioning companies. Go either with a good air conditioning company or do it yourself. As long as the air conditioner gets fixed is the main issue. In the heat of the summer who wants to stay inside a home that is not air conditioned. Therefore, try it yourself first and if that does not work, call in the pros.

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